Maximum Impact Media

We help income individuals, organizations, and businesses

with limited resources have access to media education and services.

Students have an alternative education

for workforce development.

We love supporting talented, emerging artists

who lack the technical skills and funds for media services and products.


We often find our clients have similar questions, so we’ve attempted to address them below.

If you still have something you want to ask us just get in touch!

Am I expected to know exactly what I want?

No, not at all. We understand that sometimes the need for a video is clear, however, the exact content of the video and its style are not clear at all. We recognize this and it is completely normal. We have systems and processes in place to help us understand you, your audience and what you need to say. Then together with our creative team, you will be invited to explore different options for your video. It is all part of the pre-production planning and we never rush this important idea development stage.

We understand that corporate videos exist to carry a message and we believe the most beautiful video is a complete failure if it doesn’t achieve its objective. We promise to give your project the time it requires to develop into video product which genuinely turns heads.

How long will the process take?
How much does a video cost?
Can you arrange voice talent?
How can we know the video will achieve objectives?