Maximum Impact Media

We help individuals, organizations, and businesses

of limited resources have access to media education

and services.

Students have an alternative education

for workforce development.

We love supporting talented, emerging artists who lack the technical skills and funds for media services and products.

Fundraising Action Plan

1. The non-profit will sell products and tickets created by students and staff which may include but not limited to studio recording sessions, performance events, music festivals by non-profit members (students and staff), or outside the non-profit artists and musicians.

Products will relate to these artists and events and may include web events such as live streaming, VR, websites, sponsorships, T-shirts/caps/mugs/print media, webzines, books, ebooks, optical media (CD/DVD), royalty-sharing of recordings, etc.


2. The non-profit will create and maintain a website and social media as relates to their mission (pending after all governmental documents have been approved)


3. The non-profit will provide equipment and media services to the public and artists/musicians for a reasonable donation


4. The students will volunteer to fund-raise on behalf of the non-profit whether in person or by participating at fund-raising activities





5. These are possible intended activities:


  • Internet (social media, website, “donate button”, sponsorship and donor recognition)
  • Grants (government, corporate and foundation)
  • Special Events and Product Sales (studio or event-related fees, ticket sales, sponsorship, event-related merchandise sales, sponsorship and donor recognition, and royalty sharing)
  • Direct Marketing (sometimes called Crowdfunding)
  • Individual Major Donors Gifts
  • Raffle and “Chinese Auction”
  • educational scholarships
  • Artist management and development
  • Educational (produced by students) and event/studio produced products (video, audio, photo, web, VR with recordings of events or fulfillment of product after the event, (e.g. media of the event)
  • Seek Corporate and business donorship of equipment and software (apply to Tech Soup)


6. Activities in progress and pending:


  • The MD Sales Tax Exemption request (SUTEC) has been filed on January 29, 2018 and pending approval. Once approved, a MD sales tax account will created to collect sales tax at events from sales of “products”


  • A Rubys Artist Development Grant has been applied for on February 28, 2018 which will encompass 3D video, animation, and VR. We are taking Grant writing courses and workshops, and based on the experience in applying for this grant, we will apply for others.


Various videos have been made and are ongoing; posted on the YouTube channel,

especially noteworthy were those for LevLaLev Orphanage, Tie-Dye Tzitzis, and Bet Shemesh Kollel resulting in their increased funding and participation at events through video promotion




7. We seek to continue to positively impact society through media-related activities and alliances:


>   Partnering with local “house concert” groups such as Guitars of Pikesville Community Circle

>   World Folk Music Association (WFMA)









         Gathering Time Showcase at WFMA


  • Recruitment of volunteers and Board members by a posting at Business Volunteers, and we will continue to recruit volunteers and Board members of media-related activities and of diverse ethnicity, religion, gender, etc.
  • Past and schedules attendance at Tax, Fundraising, and Grant-writing seminars by WALA-DC (Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts)  and Community Law Center
  • Attended webinars by Grantspace through The Foundation Center; reviewed the Foundation Center Online Grant Database at Enoch Pratt Library with Anna Tatro for finding grants targeted for our organization
  • Attended workshop for non-profit Board Excellence by Anna Tatro, Grants Collection specialist at Enoch Pratt Library