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We help low income individuals, organizations, and businesses have access to media education and services.

Students have an alternative education for workforce development.


We love supporting talented, emerging artists who lack the technical skills and funds for media services and products.

Rules and readings about donating to non-profits

We did our homework in being compliant

with being an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Here are some readings if you wish to be informed, too.

Download the readings related to donating to nonprofits, below:

Receipts for a tax-deductions from a nonprofit:

According to our CPA advisor:

  • The payment that you make to a nonprofit for services is not tax-deductible
  • The payment that you make to a nonprofit for an item costing market value is not tax-deductible


       * For example, you buy a T-shirt at $10, a CD at $15, whether at a show or online; though it is not

         considered as UBIT for the nonprofit if it fits within its mission, and is considered as fundraising.

  • The payment that you make to a nonprofit for an item which is above market value is tax-deductible; the item, viz. "thank you gift", is considered a token in relation to the donation


        * For example, you give a donation of $75, you receive a CD as a thank you gift.

  • Your sponsor of a scholarship or event is tax-deductible (no service or item was involved)

* Your sponsorship can be listed with other sponsors

* A sponsor cannot have a commercial ad, making this sponsor unique from other sponsors

The finishing touches your production deserves

With our bespoke post-production services, our wizards in the cutting room can click their heels together and transform your film into a sleek, smooth and stunning final product. You can even pass us footage you already have in your archives. You will be surprised what we can do with it.

Our personalized approach to each post-production project means that when you sit down with our editors, we’ll help you find the best way to finish your film. From the color grading to sound design, visual effects and simple video editing services, our talented team will assist you in capturing your audience and let you fully express what you have to say.

Often overlooked in the filmmaking process, post-production is where those strokes of genius transpire – where our visual artists give your video those stunning effects, where we can warp reality, turn cute into gritty, flip the world upside down and turn it back around again.