Maximum Impact Media

We help individuals, organizations, and businesses with limited resources have access to media education and services.

Students have an alternative education for workforce development.

We love supporting talented, emerging artists who lack the technical skills and funds for media services and products.

Projects -

VR, 3D video, animation

We take a different approach to media production and put your goals at the center of our process.

In a convergent media society, we encompass video, audio, photography, web. animation, and VR production.

Maximum Impact Media, Inc. YouTube channel

Videos across the range from documentary-style, weddings, lectures, music performances, etc.

Combination of Virtual Reality, 3D video, and 3D animation

This was our first grant application when we found out about this grant 2-3 months in advance of the deadline. The grant application took an enormous amount of our time.

This project will be revisited and reimplemented.

Virtual Reality requires appropriate hardware and software. We purchased a VIVE and refurbished Dell.

We use UNREAL or Unity game engine software.

We also use Daz3D, Autodesk 3D Studio Max, and Autodesk Maya software for 3D modeling and renders, licensed through Techsoup.

We built a renderfarm using refurbished Dell servers, a KVM.

Our facility implements at QNAP NAS.

We shoot native 3D HD-format with two Panasonic AG-3DA1 cameras.

Single or multi-camera video is edited in Adobe Premiere using a special 3D plugin and 3D monitor. Implementation of external XLR audio for concerts is through an AC/battery powered field mixer from a pre-fader board feed on location, or Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 pre-amp and Rode NT1-a microphone with a reflexion baffle in the studio.

Kudos to Associate Professor Drew Snyder at Anne Arundel Community College for his advice and support with VR and Maya.

Please contact us if your are interested in an internship with this project.