Our Mission

The staff and students provide charitable media services and education to those of limited resources.

Exhibits and performances are available by staff and students. Products made by students and staff can purchased.

The Maximum Impact Media, Inc. office is located in Baltimore, MD. The organization serves the local community, Israel, and has an online presence through the organization's website, gaming portals, YouTube, and Facebook.


Our philosophy has YOU in mind!             

Mission summary:

The organization will provide education, services, and product(s) in live and studio media arts, including video, photography, audio, animation, holography, print, VR, CAD, programming, website development

and other media and/or computer-related activities including script-writing, exhibits, and performances for individuals, organizations, and businesses of limited resources.


We seek to offer to the public and educators (free or low-cost depending on qualification):

>  Classes on video production, graphic design, animation, digital storytelling, coding and other educational media arts programs that focus on media literacy

>  Professional development for educators (digital storytelling, media literacy, STEM, work force development, and more!)

>  Resources and equipment for technology in the classroom, studio, or live production

>  Workshops on creating videos that support curriculum

>  Workshops and programs during the school day with educators, as well as after school enrichment classes

We seek to offer the following opportunities:

>  Work in the studio or on location; learn from real jobs such as concerts, weddings, press, lectures, and other events

>  Internships

>  Media Workshops & Opportunities for Adults

>  Audio, Video, Multimedia, Web Production Classes

>  Open mic opportunities with audio/video recording for YouTube Live or as a production

>  Live Volunteer Opportunities at concerts with V.I.P. to meet the musician(s)

>  The Basics of Cinematography and Photography

>  Video Production Basics

>  Digital Storytelling

>  Basic Editing in Adobe Premiere and Audition including Voice-Overs

>  Advanced Editing including 3D Video, 360 Video

>  DSLR photography Basics to Advanced skills

>  Audio 101

>  Audio 102: Advanced Techniques in Audio recording and mixing

>  "Boot Camps " for songwriting, video, and audio production

>  Work to become Autodesk, Adobe, or Microsoft certified

>  Game Design and HTC Vive VR Production

We seek to offer the following product(s):

>  Optical media (CD's, DVD's)

>  Online streaming of concerts

>  T-shirts, mugs, posters, books, e-books

>  STEAM VR (tested on HTC Vive)

>  Online Digital Gemora Project

>  Webinars