The staff and students provide charitable media services and education to those of limited resources.

Exhibits and performances are available by staff and students. Products made by students and staff can purchased.


The Maximum Impact Media, Inc. office is located in Baltimore, MD. The organization serves the local community, Israel, and has an online presence through the organization's website, gaming portals, YouTube, and Facebook.

Our story:

Maximum Impact Media, Inc. serves the community as an integrated media and technology education facility and service provider.

As a community media hub and incubator, Maximum Impact Media, Inc. provides services with and access to innovative media making tools, facilitates diverse community dialogues through media, offers collaborative programs, technical training, and community outreach strategies for organizations, businesses, and individuals. We provide dedicated and passionate staff, maintenance of a professional gear, hardware and software, technical and facility support, professional development and alternative educational training through mentoring, home-schooling, on location, or in our studio.

We provide media services to clients at affordable rates constituting a charitable tax donation.

Extensive educational experience!

Kevin Kent, Maximum Impact Media, Inc. Executive Director,

was a NYCDOE High and Junior High School educator, Yeshiva General studies teacher, operated a commercial live and studio media company, and taught multimedia at a business college. He has trained local residents, youth, educators, and staff from local non profits to become creators of digital content. As a teacher, webmaster, and NYCDOE Computer progammer and specialist,. and commercial media provider for 30 years, and college instructor for several, he developed educational curriculum on media and technology literacy and video/audio/web production for his differentiated instruction. Upon his retirement, he was inspired and passionate to provide the same success with his knowledge, experience, and equipment. A school of 5000 students, John F. Kennedy voted him "Teacher of the Year" where he had an 86% passing rate of the NYS Science Regents.

There has to be a better way.

So many students can achieve given the environment and opportunity where they can do so. Because there are some students who fail in the traditional classroom or school, not because they are incapable but because the institution doesn't fit their learning style. As well, there are many clients who need media services, which are not affordable to them. Or the scheduling does not fit the student or the client. These were the seed concepts germinating into this organization: to provide an alternative and affordable education and service organization. Maximum Impact Media, Inc., a 501(c)(3) was born.

We seek to provide classes, workshops, and on-site media services at free or low cost to qualified recipients.

We seek to offer after school and in-school digital media programs in local schools. Additionally, we seek to offer professional development courses for educators.

This is the drum room of the former studio. Based on his experience in studio acoustics and construction, we seek to build a local facility with the help of students. He has designed designs media literacy and video production curriculum. We seek to provide experienced program guidance to schools for middle school and high school students besides providing our own workshops and classes whether individual, small groups, mentored, or home-schooling.